Precision Tools and Gages

Conventional gaging provides basic dimensional feedback. These tools can be used independently or built into more complete solutions.

Air gages Force gages Pin and plug gages
Bore gages Gage blocks Ring gages
Calipers Height gages Surface plates
Column gages Height stands Test indicators
Custom gages and standards Laser micrometers Thickness gages
Dial and digital indicators Micrometers Thread gages
Electronic gages Microscopes Torque gages


  • Mahr Federal
    Full line of tools and gages, custom masters
  • Mitutoyo
    Full line of tools and gages
  • Laserlinc
    Non-contact laser micrometers and ultrasonic systems
  • Glastonbury Southern Gage
    Thread gages, surveillance and custom masters
  • Edmunds Gages
    Cylindrical gages, air and electronic gages, metrology equipment

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