Optical Measuring Machines (OMM)

OMMs are optically based 2D and 3D measurement systems characterized by fast, non-contact measurement.

These systems include automated vision systems, toolmakers microscopes, optical comparators and structured light surface scanners.

OMMs typically integrate automated vision technology to enable a repeatable measurement process. Vision sensors are very accurate in the optical plane (XY). Some can also measure perpendicular to the optical plane (Z). OMMs enable large working clearance and ease of use.

  • Optical Gaging Products (OGP)
    Video, Laser, Touch Probe and Micro-sensors
  • RAM Optical Instruments (ROI)
    Video, Laser and Touch Probe
  • View Micro-Metrology (ViewMM)
    Video and Laser
  • Certified Comparator Products (CCP)
    Optical comparators, electronic overlay and video
  • Steinbichler
    3D scanning and inspection
  • ComScan
    3D surface scanning automation
  • Scienscope International
    X-ray, CT, metrology, microscopy
  • Vici Vision
    2D vision scanning

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